CCDC Invitational


WCTC Participated in the Fall Midwest Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) Invitational on November 19th. In this competition two-year and four-year colleges each set up mock business production infrastructures. The teams will have to defend their infrastructures from being hacked by professional Penetration Testers.

WCTC placed third out of 10 teams during the morning competition.  It was an intense experience, made more so by the fact that many of the participating students also entered NCL (National Cyber League) which had an 8 hour competition the same day.

Participants Included:usa-map

  • Lucas Gallagher*
  • Lee Layton*
  • Isaac Sagert*
  • John Shegonee*
  • Alex Larkin
  • Robert Stone*
  • Jenna Watkins
  • Nicholas Mautner*

*Also in the NCL competition