What is Cybersecurity Anyway?

It’s a term being thrown around a lot lately. Is it ‘Cyber Security’? Cybersecurity? Cyber-security?

First off, the US government uses the term as a single word–‘cybersecurity’–and┬átherefore so does this website, but there is no wide-reaching consensus yet (although Mirriam-Webster appears to be on our side).

Cybersecurity is the defense of computer systems and networks from threats both internal and external. While this may sound like it doesn’t immediately relate to the average person–that’s what an antivirus is for, right?–it is more relevant than it first appears. Everyday objects are increasingly connected, from thermostats to cars to light bulbs. It may not be a big deal if someone hacks into your smart light bulb, but what if they then use your light bulb to hack your smartphone? Or your desktop? Or the FBI?

This is just one of the scenarios that is making cybersecurity such a fast-growing field of study. It will be increasingly important as the internet expands and new avenues of attack come online (such as your mattress).

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