Gallery – NCL Fall 2016

The Teams:
WCTC’s Team Blue – NCL Fall 2016 Postseason. Left to right: Nicholas Mautner, Lucas Gallagher, Rob Stone, Lee Layton, Caz Laska, Baraa Abbas. Not pictured: Andy Nellen, Jolene Johnson, Isaac Sagert, Alex Zech.
WCTC’s Team Orange – NCL Fall 2016 Postseason. Left to right: Jeffrey LaChapelle, Christian Anthony, Jenna Watkins, John Shegonee, Chris Peavy, Victor Leinen. Not pictured: Zachary Adams, Thomas Martin, Diane Rutter.

Christian opposite Jenna and Jeffrey
Baraa at work
Caz works his crypto magic
Lucas considers his next move
Jeffrey uses the Command Line to work on an NCL challenge