NCL Postseason

logoNational Cyber League (NCL) is a multi-stage event, starting with preseason, then individual competitions, and ending with a postseason team game.

The competition was on an individual basis, with the season being made up of two different 8-hour challenges. Multiple WCTC students made the top 10% in Game 1, Game 2, or in both challenges.

This year was especially challenging for several of the students, as the 8 hour competition on the 19th followed directly on the heels of the 4-5 hours of the Midwest CCDC Invitational!

The postseason was the first time WCTC’s Cybersecurity Competition Team was able to simultaneously field TWO teams!

WCTC Blue (Silver Bracket) WCTC Orange (Bronze Bracket)
Lucas Gallagher (Team Captain) John Shegonee (Team Captain)
Baraa Abbas Zachary Adams
Jolene Johnson Christian Anthony
Caz Laska Jeffrey LaChappelle
Lee Layton Victor Leinen
Nicholas Mautner Thomas Martin
Andy Nellen Chris Peavy
Isaac Sagert Diane Rutter
Robert Stone Joseph Schneider
Alex Zech Jenna Watkins

WCTC Blue ended the competition in 6th out of the 62 teams in the silver bracket and in 12th place overall.

WCTC Orange had a respectable finish in their own right, finishing 28th out of 48 in the bronze bracket.

For more pictures, take a look at our NCL Fall 2016 Gallery!