Train & Hone Your Skills Online

Cybersecurity is a field that spans many skillsets. Here is a list of a few resources to sharpen those skills.

A fun (and challenging) series of capture the flag exercises introducing players to cybersecurity concepts and real-world exploits. Start with Bandit (beginner course) and work your way up–the site provides an environment to legally practice your hacking skills.

Smash the Stack
Similar to OverTheWire in that you log in to a set of remote servers, this set of wargames encourages nascent hackers to exercise their skills in a legal setting.

Cyber Aces
This free online course is developed by SANS (one of the big names in the industry, especially when it comes to education). It consists of three modules covering the fundamentals of network security.

This is just a small sample of the many resources available online–and of course WCTC also has online classes available in addition to the on campus courses. ┬áThere is no limit to what you can learn!