The Value of VPN

The roll back of privacy protections blocking ISPs from selling data to advertisers is big news right now; because of this many people are seeking out a VPN solution. Is a VPN right for you and what provider should you use?

A VPN is a tool that creates an encrypted tunnel between you and the VPN provider, blocking the ISP from seeing where you’re going and what you’re saying. This will keep you browsing data safe from the ISP, but it can give the VPN provider access to your browsing data instead.

Due to this transfer of trust it is important that you choose a good VPN provider. Free providers may well be providing a good service, but often your information or browsing history are their product—these services need a source of revenue to stay in business, after all. It makes very little sense to sign up for a service that will sell your data because you fear your ISP may sell your data.  The best option is to do some research and find the best VPN for you based on your need and personal politics. Choosing the right VPN provider can be a challenge, but resources such as this site or Brian Kreb’s recent article can help you decide what provider is right for you.