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Author, Blogger, and Investigative Journalist.  A reporter working for the Washington Post, Brian became interested in cybersecurity when his home network was hacked by a malicious organization.  With his nose for a story and network of resources, his site has become one of the leading sources of breaking news in the cybersecurity field.

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Online Resources

US Government Agencies.  The US government has a number of organizations that publish cybersecurity-related resources for citizens and organizations. Some of the resources are practical, others educational.

NSA. National Security Agency –

DHS. Department of Homeland Security –

NIST. National Institute of Science and Technology, Computer Security Division –



Here is the short list of some of the podcasts enjoyed by students and faculty at WCTC.

Security Now
Hosts: Steve Gibson & Leo Laporte. Industry veteran and creator of the first ever anti-spyware program Steve Gibson is joined by Leo Laporte for a weekly podcast where recent news on exploits and research are discussed. Steve brings a great amount of insight and experience to the discussion as the founder of the Gibson Research Corporation, which develops software for security analysis.

Defensive Security

Hosts: Andrew Kalat & Jerry Bell.  The hosts of this podcast are a very knowledgeable duo, and provide valuable perspective and insight on recent industry news and events. Recommended for anyone with an interest in cybersecurity. They also have a Slack channel for discussion.

Brakeing Down Security Podcast –

Hosts: Bryan Brake & Brian Boettcher. This podcast features regular guests from the industry or related fields. Like Defensive Security, they have a Slack server, one channel of which is dedicated to their book club which reviews industry titles.

Hak5 shop.hak5.orgThe Hak5 logo with their slogan, "Trust your technolust."

Hak5 has several award-winning shows, including but not limited to their self-titled original show and Metasploit Minute, dedicated to discussing penetration (“pen”) testing, open source software, network architecture and more. They also offer trainings and an online store to buy tools!