Cybersecurity League

WCTC has strong student participation in state, regional, and national cybersecurity events and competitions. Participation is so high that the BIT Club formed the Cybersecurity League (CSL), which meets weekly throughout the school year; many of the events below involve this team or its members.

WCTC Cybersecurity Team logo

Below are some of the recent events at WCTC related to cybersecurity; to see what we’re getting up to next, check out our calendar of upcoming events!

Cybersecurity League Roster

Coach/Advisor: Mark Krzyszkowski

  • Caz Laska
  • Elijah Ligrow
  • Eric Heimermann
  • Jared Frank
  • Kit Wilson
  • Michael Nault
  • Nick Saeger
  • Sarah Schackel
  • Rob Stone II
  • Zach Stoltenburg
Six team members and one coach standing in a line together, smiling at the camera, in the IT Student Center. Behind them are various movie posters.
From left to right: Caz, Nick, Kit, Mark, Eric, Elijah and Jared.

Past Events

National Cyber League (NCL) Spring Season April 2019

[Recap in progress, please be patient!]

Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) Wisconsin Qualifier February 2, 2019

The CCDC Wisconsin Qualifier was held at Northwestern Mutual Cream City Labs on February 2, 2019.

Seven teammates sit at a long table with laptops in front of them and a large monitor at the back. All of them smile at the camera.
WCTC’s team in the midst of the action.

Three “Blue” teams (WCTC, MSOE, Madison College) defended their networks against a “Red” team of penetration testers (hackers) throughout the day, while Blue team management tasked the teams with everyday tasks and projects.

WCTC was represented as follows:

Robert Stone – Team Captain
Michael Nault
Zachary Stoltenburg
Casimir Laska
Elijah Ligrow
Nicholas Mautner
Lucas Hasby

Mark Krzyszkowski – Coach

D.J. Vogel – Observer

Jeremy Bauer – Local Judge

The Red team was relentless this year, defacing websites, placing ransomware on machines, requesting that team members literally ‘sing a song’ to regain control of machines, and even delivering a “bomb” that needed to be diffused in a short amount of time.  This competition is designed to emulate at least one year of on-the-job security work, in one day.

WCTC was the victorious team once again this year, earning the title of 1st place team in 2018 and 2019, beating out to 2nd place MSOE, and then to Madison College.  WCTC earned the opportunity to compete in the Midwest regionals against the top teams in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, and Missouri.

National Cyber League Fall Postseason November 28 – Dec 5, 2016

National Cyber League logo.

Both teams represented WCTC well. Many hours of sleep were lost as WCTC Blue wrested every flag they could from the challenges, ending the competition 6th out of the 62 teams in the silver bracket and in 12th place overall.

WCTC Orange (made up of first-time competitors minus one) had a respectable finish in their own right, placing 28th out of 48 in the bronze bracket.

Both teams have vowed to improve in anticipation of NCL expanding the competition.  When the new spring semester competition rolls around they will be ready!  For pictures, see the NCL Fall 2016 gallery.

National Cyber League Fall Season November 5 & 19, 2016 National Cyber League logo.

Many members of WCTC’s Cybersecurity Competition Team took part in the preseason which placed them into Gold, Silver, and Bronze brackets for the Fall Season. The competition was on an individual basis, with the season being made up of two different 8-hour challenges. Multiple WCTC students made the top 10% in Game 1, Game 2, or in both challenges.

This year was especially challenging for several of the students, as the 8 hour competition on the 19th followed directly on the heels of the 4-5 hours of the Midwest CCDC Invitational!

Midwest Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition Invitational November 19, 2016

Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition logo

The Invitational is a ‘mini-CCDC’ event that gives students (many of whom are new to the competition) a glimpse into the upcoming competition in the spring semester. WCTC’s team had an excellent showing, taking 3rd place in the morning bracket of 9 teams.

Team Members:

Lucas Gallagher  Team Captain

Alex Larkin

Lee Layton

Nicholas Mautner

Isaac Sagert

John Shegonee

Robert Stone

Jenna Watkins

Mark Krzyszkowski Coach

For pictures, see the CCDC Fall 2016 gallery.

Cyber Security Summit October 28, 2016

Cybersecurity Summit logo

WCTC’s 3rd Annual Cyber Security Summit, in partnership with Marquette University, was designed to answer the call of state leadership to take action to secure our critical infrastructure. IT leaders and businesses from around the state attended lectures and discussed the stance and stakes of cybersecurity in Wisconsin industry. In the afternoon students were invited to attend several talks by industry leaders.

For more details, including handouts from the event, visit WCTC’s event page.  For pictures, see the Cyber Security Summit Gallery.

US Cyber Challenge April 25 May 6, 2016

US Cyber Challenge logo

Similar in format to NCL, this competition involved searching for flags, analyzing logs, cracking passwords, and more.  Top scorers (including at least one WCTC student) were given the opportunity to attend an invitational Cyber Camp. The intensive week-long bootcamp featured nationally recognized instructors, who took students through penetration testing techniques culminating in a day-long capture the flag exercise.

AITP National Collegiate Conference and Career Fair April 7 10, 2016

AITP logo

AITP Chicago was an unparalleled success for WCTC; in competitions the college took home more awards than any other institution with 5 placements and 3 Honorable Mentions across the categories, surpassing many 4-year colleges in the process. In addition, one of our own was honored with the Volunteer of the Year award. Here are the Cybersecurity-related awards:

Security Competition

2nd Place: Isaac Sagert

3rd Place: Charlie Russell

Honorable Mention: Theresa LaMott

Mike Burell AITP NCC Volunteer of the Year Award: Mark Krzyszkowski – Waukesha County Technical College

For more details, including WCTC’s awards in other categories, click here.

Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition State Qualifier March 5 & 12, 2016

Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition logo

WCTC’s Cybersecurity Competition Team took third place in the Wisconsin qualifier, defending network services while under assault by a determined red team of industry professionals.

Team Members:

Charlie Russell  Team Captain

Vincent Bisesi

Lucas Gallagher

Alex Larkin

Lee Layton

Andy Nellen

Isaac Sagert

Alex Zech

Mark Krzyszkowski Coach

Congratulations to MSOE’s first place team who went on to represent Wisconsin at the Regional competition!